by Head Top Miners

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Staccato strings collide with floating basslines and broken beats. Snares become knitting needles and hit electrified bedsprings at 140 bpm, crackle with every impact and leave small craters in the musical mosaics. Precise punchlines burn into beats like a brand into a fat cow‘s ass: unavoidable, eternal. Apocalyptic thoughts of a spiritual rebel turn into verbal lightnings with the power of approaching asteroids.

With enchaining intensity, every track plays on your nerves like skilled fingers on a harp. No music for the pipe smoking ponderer, but an energetic, edged listening experience for the nocturnal ramble through the urban jungle.


released November 11, 2013

All Tracks written and produced by Twang
Vocals and Lyrics written and performed by Kinetical, Selbstlaut and Amenofils
Cutz by Twang
Mixed and mastered by GC
(P) & (C) by Shash Records 2013 | Shash 012
Logo Artwork by Parabol-Design and Stephan Schnee
Graphic Design by Stephan Schnee



all rights reserved


Head Top Miners Linz, Austria

Head Top Miners move experienced in the wide field of electronic music, set their musical accents between dubstep, triphop, downbeat and grime, without final positioning.

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Track Name: Head Top Mining
welcome to that next level hype thing
call it the head top mining
extraterrestrial scifi shit
and we come in with earthquake and lightning
bringing the vibes to a different height
sounds for your body, soul and your mind
so you better tun up your hifi
inject this in your ears and you fi get high

this is the intergalactic
epic comeback of the
mighty majestic
striking with guerilla tactics
bringing that next shit
sound a the future, the twentyfirst century
coming outta the penitentiary
twang longside me, kinetical on the ends
it‘s the sound to stimulate senses
hear my words, feel the bass
smell the herbs, see dem dancing
call it a hybrid, fusion, anything
use your mind and illusion to get this
call me marty mcfly, a back to the future travelling
so lay back, let the track go seduce every element
aint nothing else relevent, tun up bass an trebel
let me tell dem, this is a bassline penicilline

this is a musical exodus
dutty babylon just can‘t flex with us
so come leave the usual path with us
from you‘re not pleased with dem, follow our tracks
don‘t you swallow dem tabs
longtime they got their guns on your heads
too many mans them drop dead
too much copper shot spread
like richie spice said: earth a run red
so from you heard what i said
come turn up the set
until you‘re even disturbing the deaf
bassline attack, spread the message
and it‘s coming like brimstone, thunder and flash
harder than flinstone, badder than shaft
twang brews the beats, cah the man a the chef
and me come in with the spice pon the mic
kinetical, call me the hot head
Track Name: Son Of Mind
higher level outta space badman meditation
seh me travel all the way to our destination
tun up trebel and bass feel the penetration
when it hits you feel no pain
like in the song a tuff gong
so get ready fi di revelation
stepping steady inna heavy motion
listen the dread upon the control station
heartbeat count it feel every second

ease up take a break right now
freeze your body and brain somehow
freedom peace haffi reign right now
one love, one aim, one destiny i shout
babylon can‘t pressure me right now
cause i man ago flee all out
set my mind, my soul free right now
seh dem wickedness can‘t test me, i‘m free
like a fish inna the sea, like a busy honeybee
life a tricky rocky road but we haffi plant the seed
no stick, no stone it could neva stop me
me nah tumble nuh fall, man a step easily
man a ram dancehall few days every week
seh the lawn a me church and me temple you see
like a monk, you can see me walk out in the street
wid my hood pulled over my head and my face
yeah, tell dem that‘s meditation
gotta teach that to the nation
everybody need a medi ration
before you get hexed in dis damnation
come step ina di sedimation [chamber]
give thanks to the almighty one
gotta keep up a strong foundation
member where you belong
and where you came from

now leave all the pressure behind
forget all the stress boy, open your mind
gwaan wrap up the sess, keep rolling it tight
get slapped by the sub of the heavy bassline
let the dub open up your third eye
but di whole a dem act like dem blind
kinetical, me nah tell no lie
right now right here, that‘s the right time
for a revolution, love a di solution
dis ya one a soundman evolution
we fed up a di prostituion and violation
as long as man hurt woman, rapist dem haffi bun
inna dis ya giddeon, man a haffi stand strong
me di roaring lion inna this concrete jungle
you see me nah humble, thunder a rumble
babylon ago stumble, tumble and fall
cause our spirit go mezmerize all
wash out the wickedness
dem spread and dem sprawl
you see seh me fed up of all
policeman arresting the wrong
corrupted media and politican
feeding their breed and spit dem poison
seh the mental, spiritual warfare is on
Track Name: Aural Burn
i set myself on fire
cause i‘m a burnin man
no one can satisfy my desire
all alone i stand
in my right hand a lighter
in my left a petrol can
cause i‘m sick and i‘m tired
haffi burn down everyting

i‘m drinking tnt
i‘m smoking dynamite
just like the one john lee hooker
and mister buddy guy
i pay my fees, oh lord i try
but like jay z said: it‘s a hard knock life
money is needed but i just don‘t find
someday i gotta feed my kids and wife
but all i see is dutty parasites
can‘t trust nobody these times
cause a lie dem a lie

i feel like buried alive
six foot six down the line
with no chance to revive
can‘t live can‘t die
i feel like drowning in time
into the deep i dwine
i guess i lost my mind
can‘t breathe can‘t cry

spitting fire like a dragon
eyes full up a rage
stand tall like a lion
dem can‘t lock me away
i man a loaded like a nine
triggerfinger a shake
some a dem try fi test i
but dem a soft like cake
man a zulu warrior
there ain‘t no barrier
nothing i‘m sorry for
as i blow up the corridor
you see me a the carrier
me haffi hurry up
this will soon be a burial
Track Name: Echelon
this is the head top miners
this shit gonna spread like a virus
we‘re stashin our treasure like pirates
now we go smash it, more pressure inside, yes
we‘re sellin‘ our tracks to the deaf
you don‘t need to hear well to feel that
we make the kripplemans dem skank
every nerve‘s gonna cure when we tun up the set

i‘m a live life to the fullest
no trouble no strive
i survive all them bullets
i‘m a go harder than metal
no honour, no medal
i go in for the final battle
can‘t cool, seh me just can‘t sekkle
like a zulu, i man is a rebel
and just like vodoo, i come fi hex them
here comes the next step
watch out mind the gap
then we ready fi go tear down them concrete walls
nah have no fear, seh dem won‘t see me fall
nah shed a tear, we run dem from we sprawl
jus like a disease, seh the worst a dem all
so i call fi me peeps, no, call fi me dogs
nah go retreat, we move on till we buss
when the pharaoe sleeps, we the israelites flee
cause we‘re sick, tired and in need, yes indeed, cause

i won‘t sell my soul to no one
but if jah rings my bell, then i know that it‘s done
as a righteous soul i know he won‘t lick me down
as he knows i‘m the one, who schools all the young
so, learn your lesson, get educated
or in a few years we go end up on slaveships
and again they be taking us far away
history go repeat, if we never try change it
rearrange it, common i don‘t have to explain this
from you don‘t want us to end up in chains
this is my last try to heal your washed brains
and it woulda be better if we all stop complaining
just stand up and go out in the rain, and
grab a wet and cold stone and throw it in their way
i bet you‘re not alone, we all wanna be free
Track Name: Cassiber feat. Selbstlaut
mud is my ink
my fingernails are my pen
i‘m hiding as i‘m writing
these letters to a friend
cause only we know the truth
and we know they just pretend to
it was like, one wrong move
and they would put us in handcuffs

and i stare at the walls
when I scribble my thoughts
to keep my mind on point
when my frame feels so raw
and they keep us behind these locked doors
because of the things that we saw
they‘re so scared that we might talk
but they can‘t just turn us off

so they don‘t want me talk to you
and they don‘t want us talk to dem
so dem catch we and send us to prison
locked us in different cells
but none a dem can‘t muzzle me
time to break jail and pray tell ya‘ll
only we can put this puzzle together
on these cassiber letters

we‘re writing cassibers
behind letters‘n‘bars
they might put us in handcuffs
but they can‘t lock up our thoughts
we‘re writing cassibers
spread ‘em like messengers
my bones and flesh is locked
but i still got my pen to talk

they opened the doors and we followed them in
we have a key, the doors locked from withtin
they keep us inside cause it‘s fixed in our mind
that it‘s bad outside but in here we have friends

panopticontrolling everyone
but my pen, they can‘t see what i am writing down
and their shackles and bars, they just can‘t shut me down
we are rebels, break laws, with our heads not our guns

by keeping us guessing, they‘re keeping us down
but when we write our bars it‘s resistance in sound
it‘s long overdue so we make ink speak
it‘s time to analyse and then rethink

behind bars as we are reading between the lines
so at least we can be free within our minds
they locked me but i flee on these letters i write
spreading them like seeds, forever through time
Track Name: Nexus
drilling a hole, way in your brain
taking a cord and plug it in

then we rewash your brains and we clear up your minds
take all the bad thoughts away and heal all the blind
like the ludovico technique, thats how you feel like
you may feel sick after it but it will ease after a time
then you‘ll be released from their lies
you can feel free, move free in your life
head top miners, we free up your mind
get up, nah skylark, go reach for the sky
thats what i‘m teaching you, guys
like django dem unleashed me tonite
so i kill, hang, no, strangle dem with them ties
it‘s time for dem to realise
who‘s a friend, who‘s a enemy, right
dem nah penny we, aite
me nah bow eventhough dem a pressure me live

it‘s the sound a the next level revolution right now
we bury all your negative illusions right now
you shoulda know what the truth is all about
that‘s why i tell you, till you go wild out
fed up a dem prasites ruling this town
sick of all dem bag a lies movin‘ around
nuff sniches and vampires spook and a haunt me
try push me down to the ground when them got me

your thoughts getting clear again
you won‘t shed another tear fi dem
you nah fraid no more, nah have no fear fi dem
if we infect some more dem have a bere problem
so tell dem bout me army, guerilla militia
our troops will be swarming out like killabees
until lucifers heart‘s into ashes and pieces
cah dat wha we want, babylon a retreat, yes
out in the street they used to call it murder
but now there is peace
we‘re one chapter further, we won world war three
politicians versus the workers, you see
and what we a learned out of all a these things
is we shoulda never turn off our course, cause we‘re free
from we coulda never work nuff to earn nuff money
to survive in a world full of devils and freaks
Track Name: Night Hawk
we keep it playin‘ all nite
nuff swagga nuff vibes and nuff styles
gals fi get daggered, seh the thugs dem run wild
when dem hear kinetical cah man a well versatile

man a man a talk bout this and that
well man a talk righteous, man a talk slack
when man a man a talk, man a talk a lot
cause you know when i flow man a just don‘t stop
seh mi nah give up when that sick heavy bassline drop
me welcome the deejay as i step in the club
him a pass me the mic and i say tun it up
when the bassline drop everybody get mad
spit a few rhymes, then i sip a few cups
sing a few lines, then i get a few props
roll a few joints and i roll a few blunts
then i roll on the mic like i just i don‘t stop
left to the right, back to the front
ropopompom, kick, snare dem a pop
just like a gunman who fi buss a few shot
kinetical, twang mek the whole city lock

we keep it ravin‘
keep the vibes dem alive
everybody‘s shakin‘
as i spit into the mic
it‘s the ill behavin‘ and the beats that i like
seh my spliff‘s so hazy and my drink‘s so tight

have a toast fi di rudeboys dem in the place
all a di crew dem inna di backstage
sippin‘ the booze, we‘re rollin the haze
show some respect for all the deejays
every weekend when dem spinnin‘ the plates
playin‘ till the end, as long as u rave
as long as you move, as long as you shake
as long as you groove, as long as you break
you see mi nah care if it‘s early or late
cah longtime me deh and you know me go stay
so big up di gyal dem fi wine up dem waist
lawd a mercy, like the one ya bounty
Track Name: Preload
i‘m tripping on dem neon writings
streelights and passerbys, sittin‘ at the bustop
in front of the club, blood red eyes
like buddha, looking calm outside
but inside man a stick of dynamite
ready fi explode, fi blow up, ready fi light
so me wait for the mans dem inside
fi call the i: yo kiney you‘re ready now, stagetime
cah me none a dem backstage sittin‘
boys them who fi act like them aged nine
cause before i step on stage i need a sane mind
and i dont want no fake vibes
so i‘m blowin‘ out the last wiff a de spliff
and i emty the drink that i sipped
i‘m steppin‘ in quick and a slick
the whole crowd‘s just too wicked and sick
nuff bitches and chicks, ready for rippin‘ that shit
so i step up on stage kickin‘ this hit
dem a call me a entertainer
my flow‘s like h
when it enters the veins
when i enter the stage
the center‘s insane
addicted by the first lines i‘m sayin‘
sing with me, ya‘ll know the name

so i step up, the beat begins
i‘m kickin in, rewind, pull up
a so di thing‘s set, selecta lick back
bring it back and come in one more time
cause i got nuff lyrics and nuff rhymes
on this spherical basslines
for your spirit, for your mind
from you feel it, then it‘s right
energy generated
and transformed in different spaces
you give it and you take it
same with me up on stage
cause whenever i finished a show
you know my flesh is tired
but my spirit, my battery‘s load
it‘s a direct interaction with
you the crowd, the crew
knowledge, positive vibes, i talk, you move
and listen, word, sound and power to be released
and free speech, yes, teach the youth the truth
and a make them believe then
cause the system we live in
is full of brainwashed bredrin and sistren
and its up to us if we can set dem free
if we can heal dem
give dem the right education
give dem some vinyl, let them listen
Track Name: Skywards feat. Amenofils
t‘entends un son futuristique
et tu resents les vibes de la musique
c‘est un bilan d‘un voyage ludique
qu‘on présente a la rapidité ultrasonique

this is sci-fi
comin trough your hi-fi
lyrics travelin‘ in ya mind
at the speed of light
catch a vibe
on this journey to a higher height
with a suitcase
full a drums and basslines

so get into our spacecraft
the ark of today that saves us
ya‘ll know now, humanity is gone insane
and they‘ll soon erase us
that‘s why we gotta go outta space, so far away
our engine is the vibes we all generate
and we defeat gravity with that mighty beat
twang‘s the navigator, he runs the cockpit
and between skyscrapers we take off to our trip

vas-y donne moi la main et j‘te montre notre future
rien de rose que des machines pas de culture
j‘écris c‘est quelques ratures
pour avertir ceux qui sont faibles et impures
pourpre est la couleur intense de la révolte
et ma voix transporte dix millions de mégavolt
non mon crew n‘a pas besoin de colt
et on sème toujours des nouveaux sons après la recolte

j‘vous sers des mots avec un flow interstellaire
pendant qu‘les autres sont en train de jouer aux gangster
je m‘élève dans des sphères inconnues
j‘écris des milliers de verbes imprévus
j‘espère que tu m‘as reçu 10 sur 10
mon bon cru mérite toujours 10 sur 10
lancer par amenofils dans les interstices
et ne tombera jamais pour le bénéfice

i gotta send us to outta space
cah, too much devils dem a run this place
two, one, zero, now we‘re gone away
and i still can‘t tell you where we gonna stay
but the bills dem a send me man a just can‘t pay
and our planet‘s surface fades to grey everyday
and i can‘t stand the shackels they pun on my feet
while mother nature is captured in ferroconcrete
Track Name: Dark Blue Syllables
this is the generation rage, generation hate
methamphetamines and h
hustlin‘ crack and spreadin‘ aids
is that the revolution that you talk bout
should that be the solution
is that for what you walk out
talk out the things, chop off the strings
no more puppet master, no more hail the king
they failed, we win, we sail, they sink
on our ark, trough a arc of flames and ya‘ll are in
now let the story begin

strikin‘ with word, power and sound
fighting for what we learned out of this first round
new world order
thats what you should work for
go harder go stronger
in this mental war
be wise, start watching the world with your third eye
see the signs, read between the lines, between their lies
don‘t you just hang around and hope for a change
no more obama drama, we got nuff a that things
no more opium for the people, no pope, no imam
we need some hope for our people, sri dhammananda
soldier of truth, nothing left to lose
they teached the youth bout future
but now i tell ‘em the truth