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as a free give away for all the supporters and fans we decided to release a kind of freestyle track we did this summer, twang was joking around doing a remix of the theme of game of thrones while i started writing some double-time representer lines we recorded right after.


i grew older
26 - still mi nah sober
ain't got no job
ain't got no control
still man a soldier
cah babylon war it ain't over
still man a fight against fortress europa
still man a light and bun sess to get closer
to the most high - while five-o dem a profile
can jah know dat dem know i - got a pro file
no scully no moulder coulda solve my - incredible flow
while - man a go fly - over the beats from my bros
i'm incredibly stoned - like the stones are
smoke my peace pipe out of bones
my life kinda feels like game of thrones
i fight all night long and when i'm a get home
i go get my wife and she sit dung pon me boner
till she moan ah - cah man a man a conan
and your army get blown down
man a colder then polar - hold on - mi nah sell out my soul
to no diabolo - out in the streets there's a whole lot a bees
so i come fi separate the sheep from the goats - mi nuh hoax
man a pree dem - the heathen - back on the wall where me meet dem
where dem cheatin' - so me haffi delete dem
to get my version of freedom
my herbs me go give dem fi free dem - release den
dat a the only reason - stand tall like a bison
last call - end a the season - ras but still mi nuh pleased
and so me gwaan keep on and tease dem
large up all me reel friends - spit bars mi nuh relapse
sip jars - hennessy dats - liquor - wha mi get - to reset
mi nuh jing - mi nuh jang - man a ping man a pong
man a ring the alarm - when de king reach the lawn
nuff thing dem a gwaan - when me step in the ring to perform
badaboom badabing - like a bomb
the tunes wha me bring are too strong
ganja's the healing - so i give you my hits from the bong
that i spit with my tongue - i'm sick of the flows and
lyrics you perform - the shit that you sung
deserves a kick in your tum
either you sipped too much rum
or your just a kid who wants to make it and become
the next king a dis town - but thats impossible can
god didn't gifted you man
and the spliff dat you bun - smells like bushweed and
it seems like theres seeds in this one
no needs for passing me dis ya one
me nah ease till you done - cah my feelings are strong
to kill everyone - on the m.i.c. - exept me - and the dons
d double e - skepta - dizzie and wiley and the mans dem
who fi run the dance from nineteenhowlong
me say deh a bristol and london
head top miners - kinetical twang - one for free for the fam
this one a madman skanker - man a man a badman mentor


released August 4, 2014
produced by head top miners 2014
beat, recording and mastering by twang
lyrics, vocals by kinetical



all rights reserved


Head Top Miners Linz, Austria

Head Top Miners move experienced in the wide field of electronic music, set their musical accents between dubstep, triphop, downbeat and grime, without final positioning.

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